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Lt. Joseph P. DiBernardo Memorial Training Seminar


2017 Lt. Joseph P. DiBernardo Memorial
Training Seminar

Friday, November 3 - Saturday, November 4, 2017 

You Can’t Save Lives If You Can’t Save Yourself.
Get the Tactics You Need at the 2017 Lt. Joseph P. DiBernardo Memorial Foundation Seminar!


Hands-On and Lecture (Both Days) – $175
Hands-On Only (Saturday AM and PM) – $125
Lecture Only (Sunday) – $100
Fire Police (Saturday AM Session Only) – $65

Thank You to the Suffolk County Fire Academy for their continued support of the Lt. Joseph P. DiBernardo Memorial Training Seminar. 

Hands-On Firefighter Training
Friday, November 3, 2017 

Suffolk County Fire Academy
676 Maple Street
Yaphank, NY 11980

All hands-on students must bring proof of insurance with them to the training.
Appropriate PPE is required for all hands-on training.

Through a generous donation by Scott Safety, SCBAs will be made available for hands-on courses which require SCBA. A short training will be required for any first-time Scott SCBA users. Students are also welcome to use their own face pieces or SCBAs.

Pick One Morning and One Afternoon Session. Classes include: 

Flashover Simulator/Firefighter Survival
One of the leading causes of traumatic LODDs is failure to recognize changing fire conditions. This course teaches the participant to recognize the critical warning signs of flashover and the science related to fire development.

Residential – Live Burn (Class A)
These evolutions are designed for inexperienced firefighters or officers to develop skills for the fireground. Hose handling, search, and communications are some of the areas that will be stressed during the drills.

Taxpayer – Live Burn
These evolutions are designed for the firefighter or officer to develop skills on the fireground in a commercial setting. Hose handling, search and communications are some of the areas that will be stressed during the drills.

RIT-Firefighter Rescue
This course is designed for firefighters and fire officers to enhance their ability to operate proficiently as a Rapid Intervention Crew (RIC). The following skills will be covered in this course: air management, emergency communications, downed firefighter removal techniques, and self-survival skills.

Standpipe Operations
Not all standpipe operations are performed in the same way. This course will outline tasks that will always be performed before firefighters advance a hoselines.

Pump Operations
After a brief refresher on hydraulics and tactics, students will get hands-on training with basic pump operations, foam, and relay pumping.

Street Smart Ladders
Firefighters will learn street smart tactics and tips involving portable ladders. Participants will perform VEIS, rescues, removals, and other operational tasks. Students will learn new and improved methods to perform the leg lock, arm lock, and advanced methods to raise and extend the portable ladders.

Advanced Mask Confidence
This advanced mask confidence course simulates potential hazards and teaches survival techniques necessary to remove themselves from danger. Some of these safety and survival techniques include: wall breaching, moving through confined spaces, radio communications, self-removal from entanglement hazards, issuing mayday messages, and situational awareness.

Line Officer Boot Camp
Participants in this class will gain a better understanding of the role of the line officer on the fireground. Subjects covered will include communications, line placement, safety, officer’s position, and problem-solving on the fireground.

Chief Officer Workshop
This interactive program is designed to place students in role of the incident commander. They will discuss fireground operations based on information gathered from the transmission of the alarm.

Advanced Vehicle Extrication
This class challenges firefighters with difficult extrication scenarios. Vehicles are staged in precarious positions with victims trapped. Students, under the guidance of seasoned instructors, will work together to successfully extricate the victims.

Man vs. Machine
Whether it’s a basic ring removal, a person with their arm stuck in a snow blower, or a full entrapment involving agricultural equipment, our instructors will guide you through the steps necessary to perform these extrications.

Fire Police (Morning Session Only)
Flares, cones, and vest are not enough. This class teaches the tactics necessary to ensure that all personnel operates safely on dangerous roadways.

Classroom Firefighter Training
Saturday, November 4, 2017 

R.C. Murphy Junior High School
351 Oxhead Road
Stony Brook, NY 11790

Day two of the 2018 Lt. Joseph P. DiBernardo Memorial Training Seminar will feature three different world-class fire service instructors who will discuss relevant topics that are sure to keep you sharp for your next call!

Day #2 kicks off with a Keynote address by Navy Seal Aaron Tucker
Aaron Tucker is an Executive Consultant for Afterburner, Inc. He is a decorated Navy SEAL with sixteen years in the Naval Special Warfare community. He specializes as human intelligence, communications and is a high-risk instructor with multiple combat deployments in support of Operation Enduring, and Iraqi Freedom. He has mentored and trained numerous foreign forces, as well as Navy, Army, and others in special operations tasks and roles. Aaron is also part of the fire service family; his father is a retired Virginia Beach firefighter.

Saturday will feature three classroom sessions including:
FDNY Captain Thomas Gardner
This course is an interactive opportunity to experience firefighting through a young firefighter’s eyes up through the ranks serving as a chief. Students will work their way through every position in engine and ladder company operations, understand the role of a lieutenant as a supervisor, the command responsibilities a captain, and the authority of the command chief. They will learn what is expected of each unit operating through the eyes of the chief on the scene. Active participation is encouraged and expected!

FDNY Deputy Chief Mike McPartland
A deadly gas explosion in Manhattan’s East Village on March 26,2015, led to one of FDNY’s most complex operations. Hundreds of FDNY firefighters responded to the gas explosion, subsequent fire, and collapses. Fighting this historic battle, and facing extreme conditions, the department tapped nearly every resource in its tool box and employed every tactic in its repertoire. The FDNY community will remember, discuss, and learn from this incident in year’s to come – and you will too! Students will discuss the following topics:
– Size up
– Initial Operations
– Apparatus positioning and Street Management Command and Control
– Collapse
– Maydays and Urgents
– Signal 10-66 (Missing, Lost, Trapped, or Seriously Injured Member Requiring Extrication)
– Emergency Roll Call

Leadership in Today’s Fire service – How to Avoid Fire Injuries and Deaths
Captain Michael M. Dugan
This class is designed for every firefighter and officer regardless of rank. Members will learn from the past in order prevent firefighter injuries and deaths.

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